Voorpost protesting against Angela Merkel at the ‘Four Freedoms Awards’ Ceremony

Thursday April 21st the nationalist action group Voorpost are staging a protest against German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the ‘Four Freedoms Awards’ ceremony in Middelburg. Voorpost consider it unacceptable that this award is handed out to Merkel. She should not be honoured in Middelburg, but instead be tried at the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) in The Hague.

Voorpost object to handing out this award to Merkel because all her actions contravene the four  freedoms as defined by the inspirator of the awards, president Roosevelt. He maintained that for democracy to endure, it was essential for every citizen to enjoy the following four basic freedoms:

– freedom of speech
– freedom of worship
– freedom from want
– freedom from fear

Angela Merkel does not champion these freedoms in any way, as is to be expected for someone with a communist upbringing. In Germany there is no real freedom of speech. Opponents of her policies are systematically demonised. The other freedoms are under severe threat by the massive influx of immigrants. Europe is haunted by the threat of terrorist atacks by the followers of the pedophile and mass murderer Mohammed. Citizens are forced to pay for mass immigration, but are denied any real influence. Women are living in fear of being attacked by North African testosterone bombs. However, Merkel still maintains it concerns innocent refugees. Voorpost find this unacceptable.

According to Voorpost, to hand out this award to Merkel is a typical politically correct choice of an elite that has abandoned its people. Voorpost think that Merkel should not be honoured in Middelburg, but instead be tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Voorpost maintain that article 5 of the Statute of the I.C.C. offers the following possibilities for a prosecution of Angela Merkel:
– genocide (ethnic replacement of the people by non-Europeans);
– crimes against humanity (ethnic, cultural and religious replacement, attack on (the perception of) public safety);
– crimes of aggression (condoning a systematic attack on the population).

Voorpost are very much pro-Europe, and therefore strongly opposed to the EU. To save Europe, Merkel must be stopped immediately, before she can do even more damage to Europe.

Voorpost will stage a protest at the Dam in Middelburg where the awards are handed out. Permission has been obtained from the municipality.