The Ethnofuturist Manifesto

For us to succeed in the present and future, we need to anchor our ethnic ark in the past. All members of the nation are integral parts of a long chain, reaching from our distant forebears to our heirs in the days far ahead. By skillfully using our ancestral heritage as a guiding beacon, we can orient ourselves on the path towards the cosmos and the quantum space beyond, utilizing all available scientific methods to improve ourselves and our ability to break new ground, wherever our spirit might lead us.

Nationalists of Eastern and Western Europe must unite in their common struggle against Cultural Marxism and liberalism. The Intermarium project in the heart of Magna Europa is now the sole representative of the true Europe that was, is and always will be. It can serve as both a leader and guide during the dark end phase of Kali Yuga as experienced right now, lighting the way for a new dawn, when the Europe of Nations awakens and stretches its wings, ready to leap into the sky, venerated by our ancestors and promised to our progeny.